Structural Engineers

Next Force Engineering was launched in 2011 as the modernization of former Structural Engineering Consulting Firm Medina Estructuras. Based in Seville (Spain), the company combines over 35 years of experience in the field of concrete and steel structural design of Prof. Dr. Fernando Medina Encina, with the expertise in modern advanced simulation techniques of Structural Engineer Fernando Medina Reguera.

"Being knowledgeable and resourceful marks the difference"

Our team has been designing over the years Structures, such as Football Stadiums, Singular Buildings and Bridges, as well as providing Consultancy Services for Contractors, Architects and Industrial & Energy Companies in their engineering problems. We have also collaborated as co-inventors in the Design of new Patents for Innovative Structural Systems.

Our Services

Design of Structures:

  • Bridge Design and Engineering

  • Composite and Prestressed & Post-tensioned Special Structures

  • Concrete and Steel Residential Building Structures

  • Football Stadiums and Sport Venues

  • High Strength Steel and High Performance Post-tensioned Concrete Storage Tanks and Silos

  • Dam Locks and Railway Sleepers

  • Innovative structures for energy applications

Advanced Analysis of Engineering Problems:

  • Geometrically and Material Nonlinear Static and Dynamic structural engineering problems

  • Elastic-plastic analysis of shells with imperfections

  • Fracture Mechanics and Fatigue analysis of concrete and steel structures

  • Analysis of coupled Thermo-mechanical problems

  • 3D Fluid-Soil-Structure Interaction problem solving

  • Advanced Geotechnical and Foundation Modeling

  • Seismic analysis by Response Spectrum and Time History

  • Dynamic analysis of liquid tanks using synthetic accelerograms and wave propagation in acoustic elements

Forensics Engineering

Experimental Testing Protocol and Model Retrofit for Material and Structural Characterization

Our Team

Prof. Dr. Fernando Medina Encina
 Ph.D., Civil and Structural Engineer [Dr. ICCP]
Fernando Medina Reguera
 Civil and Structural Engineer [ICCP]

Civil and Structural Engineers:
 Federico Palazón Garrido [ICCP]
 Pedro Martínez Alías [IC]

Mechanical and Structural Engineers:
 Antonio Pizarroso Talavera [I.Ind]
 Ignacio Abad Medina [I.Ind]
 Jorge Marín Montín [I.Ind] *
 Joaquín García Suárez [I.Ind] *
 *(on leave with PhD. and MSc. grants at U. Seville and CalTECH).

Technological Fund

NFE was granted in 2012 with the FEDER Innterconecta Fund by the Centro de Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial (CDTI) as part of the Thermal Storage THESTO Project.


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Fernando Medina Encina
Ph.D. Civil and Structural Engineer, Tenured Professor at the University of Seville, he has dedicated his professional and academic activity to Structural Engineering since 1976 (ICCP, ETSICCP Madrid, 1975).

He is the Head of the Area of Structural Concrete, and he is currently responsible for the courses in Prestressed Concrete, Bridges and Typology of Structures, as well as Concrete Fracture Mechanics. In the past, he has also taught PhD courses in Soil-Fluid-Structure Dynamic Interaction, Concrete Dams and Special Problems in Prestress Concrete. He is also the Head of the Laboratory of Structures of the Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería of Seville, and belongs to the Group of Investigation TEP-245 Structural Engineering of the Andalusian Government, and he is the director of the lines of research in Prestressed Concrete, Composite Structures and Application of Fracture Mechanics to Concrete.

He has written the books "Dynamic Analysis of Dam-Soil-Reservoir Systems", Elsevier,1993 (with J. Domínguez et al) and "Mecánica de la Fractura Aplicada al Hormigón", Universidad de Sevilla, 2012 (with H. Cifuentes).

Fernando Medina Reguera
Civil and Structural Engineer (ICCP, ETSICCP Granada), he began working with FME in 2004, after returning from a full-term program for International Exchange Students at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He has an additional MSc in Advanced Design in Mechanical Engineering from University of Seville and he is currently developing a Doctoral Thesis on Thermo-mechanical Modeling of Post-tensioned Concrete.

He has been the Technical Director and C.E.O. of NextForce since 2011, where he has been in charge of projects such as the Composite and Bascule Urban Bridge over the Guadalete River, the Transportation and Public Work Office of the Andalusian Government Building, and the European Commission FEDER Funded Project for the Design of Large Capacity Thermal Storage with Post-tensioned Concrete Tanks.

Under his direction, NextForce has signed a strategic collaboration agreement with a large company in the Energy Sector that has been running since 2012.

He belongs to the Group of Investigation TEP-245 Structural Engineering of the Andalusian Government.