Benito Villamarín stadium is located in Seville and is the home of Real Betis Balompié. The stadium will have a capacity of 64,000 spectators in three grandstands or overlapping rings, with a tensioned wire diamond mesh self-supporting roof around a central ring and anchored to the perimeter deep beam.

The structure of the stadium has been designed with a single type of shear wall that has been arranged in rotation around the field.

On these shear walls overlap three grandstands around its perimeter. Because of the forces and solicitations due to the roof, the shear walls hold vertical ducts on the outside to make a vertical post-tensioning before to the placement of the stands.

The roof is a galvanized wire rhomboid mesh with distances between 2.70 and 1.50 m, which is anchored in an oval ring. The function of this ring is to restore the stress equilibrium of the mesh. On the perimeter, the mesh is anchored in the 4.40-meter-deep beam. The whole system acts as a suspended tensioned canvas.

Area: 47,000 m2
Capacity: 64,000 spectators

Client: Real Betis Balompié S.A.D.
Location: Seville



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