The water tank has been externally post-tensioned by winding, in the Puertollano Refinery REPSOL-YPF. The tank consists of 15-meter-high and 65-meter diameter, with a 40-centimeter-thick wall, and an outer layer of variable thickness formed by alternating sublayers of active wires and shotcrete, which reaches 8-centimeter thickness in the lower meters of the deposit.

For placing the new pipe, it has been cut the layer containing the active reinforcement in a 1.20-meter-high region from 40 cm from the ground and 1.80-meter-wide, a hole is made in the wall of 1.40-meter diameter that it has been centered on the axis of the flange. After the placement of this and anchored connectors to the wall around the pipe, it was conducted a 30-centimeter screeding from the wall to the outside and inside concreting the affected area forming a block, on the outer face, it has dimensions of 3.01 x 2.30 m.

For estimating the future behavior of the deposit, it was conducted an evolutionary analysis. The outer post-tensioning indicated a linear variation of the resultant force per strip of 25 cm between 80 kN in the upper and 1,600 kN at the base of the tank.

The first results of the full deposit service indicated a tensile effort per linear meter high 4,290 kN/m at the bottom due to the hydrostatic pressure, which was compensated by the compression of 5,440 kN/m producing by post-tensioning, being verified the safety of the tank.


Client: Repsol YPF
Location: Puertollano (Ciudad Real)
Volume: 50,000 m3

Inner diameter: 65 m
Wall thickness: 40 cm




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