The "Floodgates" includes the study "Analysis of checking performance mechanical structure of various types of gates" to carry out the works of "Driving water from the Tajo-Segura for the incorporation of resources to the Llanura Manchega ".

The object of the study is the structural testing of stop logs, bonneted gate, channel penstock, wall penstock and radial gate in the reference work, verification of the correct definition and redefinition of its elements if it was necessary.

Considered two different load situations:

-Gate closed and supported on the slab. Acting above it the actions of self-weight and hydrostatic pressures. Friction forces and rolling have no sense in this scenario because there is no movement.

-Floodgate an instant after starting their lifting, when contact with the slab has been lost, the load of the spindles starts to acting. In this case, when those agents act the four actions defined in the epigraph of actions considered.

Among the checks performed, it has been performed the following studies:

-Analysis of displacement. It has had particular attention to the points of the side closures and bottom of the gate, because such movements should be limited because of tightness.

-Check the connections between elements.


Client: Obrascon Huarte Lain S.A.





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