The parking building in La Posada de la Herradura (Córdoba) consists of six floors, two of them are below ground level. There are three levels above the ground floor. On the parking roof, a structure for recreational facilities has been designed.

The employment of waffle slabs with recoverable coffer has been adopted, a 35-centimeter-deep layer (5-centimeter structural topping), 80-centimeter interaxis and 14-centimeter-thick nerves. The vehicle access ramps to the floors have been solved by 30-centimeter-thick concrete slabs and have been supported on one edge on a 25-centimeter-thick curved wall of reinforced concrete. On the cover structure, it has been opted for the use of trusses and metal frames, with metallic joists slabs. The cover, in several areas, has been solved with 15 and 10-centimeter-thick reinforced concrete slabs.

The foundation has been designed by 75-centimeter-thick concrete slab, at a lower level of -7.25 m. A 45-centimeter-thick and 10.5-meter-high retaining wall, with temporary braces, has been projected for the excavation of the basement levels and containment of ground.

Client: Luis Giménez Soldevilla & Asociados
Location: Córdoba

Area: 1,200 m2
Capacity: 207 vehicle places, 40 biclycle places