Bridge Engineering


The projected structure for the highway intersection of the A-491 to A-2077, Munive (Cádiz) road, is a tri-cellular PSC bridge which presents a width of twelve meters and has six spans with the following lengths:

  • First span: Abutment 1 – 1st pier - 25 m

  • Four following spans: 33 m between piers 

  • Last span: 5th pier to Abutment 2 -25 m

The voids are gradually reduced until the full section in the supports. Each pier is anchored by four piles of 125 cm in diameter and each abutment six piles of the same diameter.

The cross-section shows at the top a straight line while the bottom has been designed with linked circular curves, so that the section height is variable between 19 and 170 cm.


Client: Ghenova Civil
Location: Munive (Cádiz)

Total lenght: 182 m
Deck width: 12 m


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