Bridge Engineering


The viaduct in Valverde del Camino Industrial Technology Park is an overpass with a 10-meter-wide deck.

The structure consists of 29.40-meter span between supports with 3.55-meter-long cantilevers on each side, which is a 36.50-meter-long beams. The deck consists of four 1.70-meter-deep precast beams and 20-centimeter in situ compression slab. It is a straight bridge without skewing, with constant longitudinal slope with a 23-centimeter-high between ends. It has no camber, but a transversal slope of 2% on each side.

At the ends of the viaduct, there are two retaining walls of ground of more than 4-meter-high and which contain an offset ground around 9.20-meter-wide. The separation between beams is 2.45 m, so that the lower dimension of the superstructure is 8.60 m.

The supports are disposed by two 1.50-meter-circular diameter piers and a 1.70-meter-wide load beam to receive the deck. The shallow foundation of the piles takes advantage of embedment of the walls, resulting 9.00 x 3.50-meter centered footings at the same height of 1.80-meter wall.

Location: Valverde del Camino (Huelva)
Deck width: 10 m

Total length: 36,50 m
Double-T beam depth: 1,70 m
Compression slab in-situ: 20 cm



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